Motivational speech outline


Name: Keith Buff


1 Let audience know the difference between a brain aneurism and my condition that was caused by an AVM an Arteriovenous Malformation .

2 The importance of believing they can and will improve quality of life.

3 Tell the audience after losing everything, there is still hope.

4 Talk about simple tasks which were impossible for me at one point, for example: talk, walk, eat, drive, tie shoes, button shirt get dressed, drive, or play sports.

5 Express how problems can be viewed in a much lighter perspective after they are made aware of what I and they have lived through.

6 The purpose of sharing this story is to encourage others to never give up.

7 Why it is so important to be nice to everyone because you never know when they may need their help.

8 The importance to wake up each day with a good outlook.

9 Why staying in good shape is important.